Here is a summary of the conservation funding outcomes of interest to INCA in the final state budget. The one positive note is that the DNR is expected to receive a large share of the hefty increase in deferred maintenance funds for state properties. INCA pushed for a substantial increase in deferred maintenance funding the last two budget sessions.

1) President Harrison Conservation Trust: No increase in funding; remains at $94,090 a year in general funds and $955,000 a year in license plate revenue.

2) State Wildlife Action Plan: No new funding.

3) Deferred maintenance funding for DNR properties: $150 million appropriated for the biennium for deferred maintenance at all state properties; DNR expects to compete for a major share of these funds.

4) State fish hatchery modernization: $16.7 million proposed by Governor and contained in House-passed budget version deleted in final version.

5) Clean Water Indiana: No increase in funding; CWI is funded at $970,000 a year in general funds and $2,963,546 a year in cigarette tax funds.

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